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Vimy over the ridgeVintage Vimy

Garry Lakin reports from the Vintage and Classic Day, organised by Turweston Aerodrome and the Vintage Aircraft Club on 18 September

Turweston titbits
Staaken Flitzer
Isaacs Fury
Vintage line-up
Not-so-vintage Bulldog

On the previous Thursday afternoon I got a call from a friend who's a member of the 'Chrysler PT ukcruisers' club - "Fancy a day out at an airfield? Some of the club members are off to a Vintage Plane and Motor rally." Not one for missing an opportunity to see some aircraft, I had to say yes - what a good decision! After arriving we found that up to two hundred aircraft were expected at the airfield. The cost of entry to the event was a surprise too, a donation of money thrown into a bucket to help the upkeep of the airfield. Plenty of aircraft were there on our arrival and the buzzword going around was that the Vickers Vimy would be the highlight of the day, arriving at around 14:30. The airfield was looking like an NCP car park for most of the day with pride of place going to the real vintage aircraft in attendance. The organising team were non-stop as aircraft in all shapes and forms landed and taxied into their slots.

Several car and bike clubs were there in large numbers - Veteran cars of all shapes, also Morgans, MGs, Vauxhalls, PT Cruisers, convertible Getting close to the Vimysports cars, tractors, motorbikes and a whole lot more. The event wasn't overcrowded with non-participating public but a good number of people were in attendance.

The star of the day turned up just gone 14:30 to everybody's delight - the Vickers Vimy replica, flying at its own leisurely pace, flew in over the threshold of the runway and had virtually stopped as soon as it touched down. A wonderful sight and worth attending the event if for nothing else. The aircraft taxied up to the crowdline and visitors were able to see this magnificent aircraft at close quarters. You can read about the Vimy's adventures here.

Thanks go to David Owen the airfield owner, the Vintage Aircraft Club and everyone else involved in organising such a good day.


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