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Exercise 'Air Combat Power'

I thought grey was in fashion this year (that's what the missus told me)For those visiting RAF St. Mawgan during the last week of October for Exercise 'Air Combat Power', a rude shock awaited as it was switched to Brize Norton at the last moment...

Primarily a ground-based exercise, it was designed to demonstrate to trainee UK & overseas crews how the RAF operates from a Deployed Operating Base, not too sure how this sat with the two VC10s incorporated into the contingent. No foreign aircraft participated so pride of place went to olive green Hercules XV206 from Lyneham, but a log of what was there is shown below (click on the pictures to get a much bigger one):


   VC10C1K XV107, 10 Sqn   

   Hercules C1 XV206/206, LTW  

Hercules C3 XV302/302, LTW  

   Puma HC1 XW222, 33 Sqn  

   Nimrod MR2 XZ284, 206 Sqn   

   VC10K2 ZA140, 101Sqn  

Chinook HC.2 ZA705/BE, 18 Sqn  

   Tornado F3 ZE200/DB, 11 Sqn  

Supporting cast included Tornado F3 ZE204/DD, 11 Sqn; Tucano T1 ZF160/160, 1 FTS; Tucano T1 ZF169/169, 1 FTS & Tucano T1 ZF487/487, 1 FTS.

Also on the airfield were the Argentine Boeing 757 belonging to President Menem and a Chilean Gulfstream, unfortunately the armed guards were too intimidating to get a close look. Still, who wouldn't rather photograph Tucanos when faced with an AK47?


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