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All AK at LN

85-098 on finals to runway 0614 April 1999, RAF Lakenheath: Six F-15Cs of the 54 FS, Elmendorf AFB, Alaska arrive to bolster the base numbers in the wake of massive deployments of regular 48 FW machines to mainland Europe. The Alaskan jets fly regular missions from Lakenheath, bringing a welcome change to the familiar 'LN' code adorned by the local Eagles.

85-115; click for bigger pictureAll the '85 fiscal year jets are ex-Eglin and took part in the Gulf War of 1991. 85-108 carries a single green star below the canopy, which denotes the shoot-down of a Mig-29 south of Al Taqaddum on 17 January 1991 with an AIM-7M whilst with the 58 TFS/33 TFW based at Tabuk and being flown by Captain Rhory R. "Hoser" Draeger.

The six aircraft were: 85-0115/54FS, 85-0118/AK, 84-0020/AK, 85-0098/AK, 85-0111/AK, 85-0108/AK. They returned to Elmendorf on Tuesday 29 June.

Information courtesy of Nick Broomemil-spotters.


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