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Camo F-1 of HikotaiStill turning Japanese...

Corne Rodenburg was there last October/November and had a very good time...During his three weeks of photography he 'only' shot 53 films, but because of the 11 September disaster the security level was high. Here are some notes from his trip:

"At Kasumigaura (Army) Base they politely requested us to go away. The photo opportunities at this base are very good because you are able to get close to the taxiway. At other bases we were questioned and photographed by police detectives and base personnel. At Misawa the Americans were very nervous and after one and a half hours USAF Military Police, US Intell, Japanese detectives and others surrounded us! But, after a half hour and writing down our personal details they wished us a pleasant day. When the aircraft are using the runway from south to north you are quite easily able to photograph a F-4 with 300mm lens."

Gallery (some information courtesy of Scramble)

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Matsushima will be the first airbase to get the F-2B. At the same time the Aggressor unit at Nyutabaru will get F-2As. After that the F-1 at Tsuiki will be phased out and replaced by the F-2A.
F-1 of 6 Hikotai based at Tsuiki. The F-1s will be replaced by the F-2 in the next few years.
F-15CJ of 304 Hikotai, part of 8 Kokudan wing based at Tsuiki in the Southern island of Japan.
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E-2C of 601 Hikotai based at Misawa. Thirteen aircraft were ordered and the type has been augmented by four E-767s which entered service in 1998 and 1999. The E-767s are based at Hamamatsu.
F-4EJ of 8 Hikotai, normally based at Misawa together with the USAF's PACAF wing. 8 Hikotai is planned to replace its F-4EJs with the Mitsubishi F-2A in fy2006.
The US-1A 'Shin Maywa' is the Search and Rescue variant of the PS-1 ASW flying boat. Eight US-1s were procured between 1975 and 2000, all serving with 71 Kokutai at Iwakuni which was formed on 1 July 1976. Two more are believed to be on order.
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The YS11 is operated in a wide variety of roles. The YS11E and EA is in service is a ECM/EW trainer, four YS11ELs have ELINT tasks, two YS11FCs serve as flight checkers, one YS11NT is a navigation trainer while the remainder are still configured for transport duties. This YS-11 serves with the Denshi Shientai at Iruma.
The ubiquitous UH-1 - hundreds are in use with the JGSDF (Ground defence). From the earlier variants, the UH-1B has completely been retired but about 80 UH-1Hs remain in use. The UH-1B and the UH-1H are often referred to as the HU-1B and HU-1H in Japanese service.
The days of the KV-107 are numbered. The last unit to operate it is 3 Hikotai of the Seibu Homen Herikoputatai at Takayubaru, which has already received its first CH-47JAs as replacement.

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