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21 June 2007 - Coningsby - The Cat's out of the bag...

Seen getting airborne for its air-to-air photography session was the lesser-spotted Jaguar celebration airframe XX119, now adorned in its special markings of a Jaguar cat emerging from under the peeling paintwork. The aircraft will be the centrepiece of the Squadron's Jaguar reunion on 29 June, for which all tickets have now been allocated. XX119 was joined by XX725, first noted in its 'Desert Pink' scheme at 6 Squadron's disbandment parade, and T4 XX835 suitably fitted with celebratory fuel tanks.

20 June 2007 - Coningsby

Working with 3(F) Squadron for the week are six Typhoons from the Spanish Air Force (Ejército del Aire). Missions have been flown daily, today against Typhoons from both 3(F) and 11(F) Squadrons, who used the callsign 'Gringo'...

19 June 2007 - Stansted

Seen arriving in the afternoon was Oman Government Boeing 747SP A40-SO. The 747SP ('Special Performance', not 'Short Plane'!) was a shortened version of the 747-100, introduced into service in 1976 with Pan AM. It was designed to fly higher, faster, and longer than the 747-100 and Boeing hoped that the abilities of the SP would take orders from the Douglas DC-10 and create a niche market, but in the end only a total of forty-five was built. Picture courtesy Douglas Clayden


17 June 2007 - London

A second flypast in two days commemorated the end of the Falklands campaign twenty-five years ago. VC10C1K XV105 from 101 Squadron, recently marked for the Squadron's 90th anniversary, led the fixed -wing element with four Hawks in tow while a vast array of helicopters converged on the capital from different directions. Pictures courtesy Bob Franklin

16 June 2007 - Southwold

The annual flypast for the Queen's official birthday went ahead under threatening skies and difficult conditions - new for this year was a nine-ship formation of Typhoons. Pictures courtesy Andy Court

14 June 2007 - Valley

Working with the Hawks of 19(R) Squadron were four Swedish Air Force Saab 105s (aka Sk60A in Sweden). The Saabs took to the low-level routes in the Welsh hills providing photographers with something other than the ubiquitous black BAe offering! Picture courtesy John Ratley

13 June 2007 - Cottesmore

A chance to capture IV(AC) Squadron's 95th anniversary GR9, first seen at the squadron's families' day a couple of weeks ago on 2 June. It is hoped that the aircraft won't be required for Afghanistan until after the airshow has finished...

12 June 2007 - Lakenheath

The much-anticipated summer stay of the 81st Fighter Squadron began as the A-10s arrived in force today. The squadron is relocating to Lakenheath for at least six weeks while the runway at Spangdahlem is resurfaced. Picture courtesy Ashley Wallace

8 June 2007 - Little Staughton

Goodyear Aviation has announced its sponsorship of the internationally renowned aerobatic pilot, Denny Dobson.

Denny is well known for his performances, which have thrilled crowds at more than 1,200 public displays. He flies the purpose-built Extra 300 aircraft which is just one of hundreds of aircraft types that fly on Goodyear Aviation tyres.

Established as an aircraft tyre manufacturer almost 100 years ago, Goodyear Aviation provides tyres for the civil and military market place, from the largest commercial aircraft to the smallest flying school training aircraft.

Goodyear has had many 'firsts' in the industry. Some notable milestones include the first US Trans-continental flight in 1911, when an aircraft equipped with Goodyear tyres crossed the USA from New York to California in an amazing eighty-four days! Today, a Goodyear equipped B747-400 would do the same journey in around five hours.

Goodyear was also first to run a tyre on the moon with Apollo 14 in 1971, as part of the NASA moon exploration programme, and was an industry leader in the development of radial tyres for aircraft applications in the 1980s.

Goodyear has an unrivalled involvement in the aviation and aerospace industries, having produced many aircraft including over 4,000 Corsair fighter-bombers during the Second World War. Goodyear also designed and manufactured an amphibious aircraft called the Drake.

And who in the world is not familiar with the Goodyear Blimp?

Goodyear Aviation general manager, Willem Luuk Nijdam, said: "Denny Dobson epitomises the professionalism, skill and dedication in his approach to aerobatic flying that Goodyear demands of itself in the manufacture and support of aircraft tyres. We wish him a successful season."


8 June 2007 - Wattisham

Arriving at Wattisham today through the heavy rain and mist was a Polet Airlines AN-124-100, serial RA-82080.

It is probably the largest aircraft to have ever landed at Wattisham and was returning three 3 Regiment Apaches from an exercise in the United States. The same aircraft is expected back on Sunday with a second load of Apaches. Pictures courtesy Chris Churchard, Dave Eade & Gary Stedman

6 June 2007 - Hendon

Seen at RAF Museum Hendon was Spitfire LF XVIE TB675 4D-V (really RW393) being put onto low loader for journey back to the RAF Stafford store. The aircraft has been on brief display in London. Picture courtesy Roger Cook

6 June 2007 - Brize Norton

Seen this morning, the Royal Australian Air Force C-17 from 36 Squadron, based at Amberley, is seen lining up to depart stateside to Maguire AFB. It's the first overseas outing for the recently delivered aircraft. Picture courtesy Ken Withers

6 June 2007 - Waddington

5(AC) Squadron formally stood up at Waddington - flying in a mixed formation over the parade ground were the first Sentinel R1, a Tornado F3 and Hurricane PZ865 from the BBMF, representing past types operated by the unit. Oh, for a Lightning... A full report on the day will be featured next week.

4 June 2007 - Mildenhall

A case of Little & Large - E-6B 162784 (left) from VQ-3 at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma, and Wiesbaden-based US Army UC-35A 90102 being amongst the interesting visitors. Pictures courtesy Ken Withers

3 June 2007 - Marham

First outing for II(AC) Squadron's new anniversary Tornado as it departed to Scotland for its participation in QWIC071. The tail art was designed by Photographer Senior Aircraftsman Ashley Keates from the Photographic Section and applied by Flight Sergeant Andy O’Hara and his team of painters and finishers at RAF Marham.

Flight Lieutenant James Frankland said “The RAF takes their Squadron anniversaries very seriously and it was a great project to paint the 95th anniversary jet for II(AC) Sqn, it was challenging but the end result was worth it.” SAC Keates’s artwork is his second design to be used following on from the Canberra PR9 retirement scheme in 2006. Picture courtesy Matthew Clements


2 June 2007 - Mildenhall

Arriving was CASA-212-DF N964BW, which is supposedly operated by the CIA. The aircraft arrived from Prestwick during the late afternoon and, after night stopping, was due to continue its journey via Barcelona early on Sunday. Picture courtesy Ken Withers


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