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26 September 2008 - Wattisham

Casting a shadow over the early Autumn Suffolk countryside was An-124 RA82047, bringing back Apaches from the USA. Picture courtesy Dave Eade/DEltafoto

18 September 2008 - Sywell

The Blades took to the Skies with the Vulcan to celebrate the achievements of The Vulcan to the Sky Trust - at 14:55 the Vulcan rendezvoused with The Blades Aerobatic Team in the skies above Northampton. Not only did the formation bring the Midlands to a standstill, for a few select people it was the ‘day of their lives’ as they flew with in the unique formation!

“We have been working very closely with The Vulcan to try and provide them with assets that will help them to secure and maintain the levels of funding that they require to continue operating, it has been an absolute delight and we are proud to support The Vulcan to the Sky Trust” said 2Excel Director Chris Norton.

Amongst the lucky few were TVOC's Andrew Edmondson, Rusty Drewett, and Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson. The sight of XH558 and the Blades Display Team was one of those formations that could help to keep British aviation alive - even the overcast clouds could not spoil such a formation. Let's hope those who saw this could be of some help as sponsors to keep the Vulcan flying. Its future is still in the balance, but with the support and thanks to the Blades Display Team without their help, this would not have been seen today. Courtesy Bob Franklin and Jamie Hunter


17 September 2008 - Waddington

Colourful E-3F from EDCA 00.036 of the French Air Force passes through Waddington adorned with seventieth anniversary markings - where was it over the airshow season? Courtesy Graham Platt

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