Let’s have a look at the top air forces all over the world –

  1. United States of America:
    Currently equipped with the most sophisticated and robust air force, United States tops this list! It has 947 F16: Fourth generation fighters making it a deadly and strong force that guard the skies of the United States.
  2. Russia:
    The Russian Air Force powered its way up to the second rank – owing to its sizeable number of fighter aircraft, transport aircraft, attack helicopters and bombers – not one of which has been imported! Russia’s has a home-grown military infrastructure development cell, which is the birthplace of these mighty machines!
  3. China:
    China comes third – with it being the only nation after the United States to possess fifth-generation fighters! Cutting edge technology and modernity are infused into these Made in China aircraft, which makes the People’s Liberation Army Airforce rank third in the world.
  4. India:
    Most of the equipment of the Indian Air Force is imported, and its strong bilateral ties with Russia ensures its military equipment is always up-to-date. India already has built a fourth-generation fighter on its own soil and is working on the fifth generation in collaboration with Russia.
  5. United Kingdom:uk
    The United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force displayed its prowess in the World War II, and since then, they have been more focused on increasing their fleet and improvising their skills – which is why they feature in this list!
  6. Israel:
    Equipped with the US made air machines, Israel has a power-packed Air Force. The IAF has immensely helped the Israeli armed forces in raging wars and operations against the Arab nations, to emerge victorious. It is equipped with a large fleet that has been designed to fulfil the requirements of the IAF.
  7. France:
    Its aviation industry – Dassault Aviation powers France. And now, Dassault is the leading jet manufacturer catering to the aircraft needs of entire Europe. There is also a surge in demand for the French Rafales from India – owing to the precision and prowess these jets have.
  8. Turkey:
    Turkey has sure emerged powerfully in the military sector, and the fact that it is working on the development of the fifth generation fighters proves it! Turkey grew immensely after the end of the Ottoman rule, and it’s aviation sector has not lagged behind.
  9. Egypt:
    Egyptian Air Force is equipped with air machines from countries with the strongest aviation – France, America and China. In fact, it was the first international customer of the French built Rafales. And constant upgradation and progress have lead Egypt to emerge as the most powerful Air Force from the African continent!
  10. Germany:
    The Luftwaffe is the most battle-experienced air force which played an immense role in the World War II. It has always focussed on expanding its fleet. The pilots too are trained either in the United States or Canada –ensuring they are equipped with the top-notch training they require.