Airlines require and expect flight attendants to wear their standard uniforms during flights. Different airlines have different flight attendant uniform designs and styles that are, in most cases, striking and quite fashionable. Airlines make massive investments on customising their flight attendant uniforms with company logo embroidery, and if they really didn’t make a difference, airlines wouldn’t go as far as hiring top designers to make these flight attendant uniforms fashionable. Standard cabin crew attire may include a sweater vest, regular vest, blouse and skirt, dress, embroidered work shirt and trousers, Polo shirt and shorts or blazers that can complement any of the mentioned outfits. So why do air hostesses have their own uniforms?

Why Pilots Need The Best Aviation Headsets

Aviation headsets are used for communication between pilots and air traffic controllers.  They are also used for communication between pilots and cabin crew members inside the cockpit.  There are many types of communication devices available.  They are categorized into three groups: Aviation Headset, Aviation Headset-Microphone, and Aviation Headset-Microphone-Radio.  Each of these groups are further categorized into three sub groups.  These sub groups are based on the technology used in their design.

Aviation headsets are the primary piece of equipment used by both pilots and air traffic controllers to protect the ears from damage due to excessive noise exposure and to ensure that the pilot or air traffic controller can communicate with other crew members and with the ground.

Attendants Act As Brand Ambassadors

Every time flight attendants wear their uniforms; they are representing the airline. It’s more of competition these days, with numerous airlines releasing their uniforms to much hype and ceremony to outshine each other. Fashion designers are brought in to create new uniform designs in a much pomped up launch. Getting traffic for your airline is integral to its success. How do you get this traffic? This is through professional and satisfactory customer service done by the air hostess. Positive reviews from passengers can only bring good PR to the airline. The uniforms also showcase the airline’s motto, logo and tastes. It’s not ‘just a uniform’ for airlines.

Their Uniform Allows Easy Recognition

Like lifeguards, flight hostesses have to be identified and seen right away. If they dressed normally, you wouldn’t know who you were looking at. But with their uniforms, you simply can’t help but stare at their glamorous uniforms and good looks. They are actually among the best if not the top best-dressed professionals in the world. The flight attendant uniforms will definitely serve their purpose on their own. If anything unfortunate were to happen, you’d know exactly who to turn to for help as they have been trained in all manner of flight safety protocols.

A Custom Uniform Creates An Impression Of Authority

Perception is key in this line of work. The uniform should assert authority and dignity on board the aircraft. The impression of authority will assist the attendants to coordinate tasks during the flight to keep you comfortable and relaxed. Also, in an emergency, you can look to the flight crew to guide you through the safety procedures. You don’t want the actions of a rogue passenger endangering the lives of others on the plane. The uniform design needs to establish some sort of psychological dominance on the passengers for them to respond promptly when need be. The uniforms really have to standout and project a sense of authority considering that the attendants are also the safety professionals.

Regardless of the fashion and aesthetic significance of flight attendant uniforms, they shouldn’t be focused on attracting sexual attention since skimpy uniform will most likely leave them open to harassment. Any uniform should exude authority, professionalism, and assist in the performance of the job. So the design of flight attendant uniforms should have elements of practicality in them to guarantee mobility when providing services or handling an emergency. The uniform should in no way compromise the safety of the passengers or integrity of the flight crew.